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In Depth...

Here's a place to pursue topics in more depth than can be done in the classroom.

This is a page where instructors, departments, faculties or a University/college can broaden the context of a discussion and offer motivated students advanced material or other awards to encourage dialog as a means to solve problems related to life on campus or other life issues like HIV/AIDS, FAMILY & RELATIONSHIP, not to mention INDIVIDUAL & FAMILY POVERY ALEVIATION, etc.

Related Links

In this area the page might include links with more information on subjects discussed in class or that are related to courses undergoing or anything of possible interest. site vistors are expected to contribute to this page so that sites their favorite sites of sites that they want to share it to their colleagues would be avilabe here for free.

For example,

Be sure to send me suggestions for the next In Depth segment.

Let's make the best out of givingout/sharing the best!!